Our Story

Nash Therapeutic Services, LLC. was originally founded in 2011 by Chris and Jennifer Nash. It was started to fulfill a vision – that clients and families are the real experts in their situations and by teaming-up with them, we could empower those families to develop solutions to the struggles they were facing. In doing this we developed clinical and behavioral therapy programs that provided genuinely supportive services to children and families with measurable outcomes and real-world, positive changes. Through the implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis, the gold standard in evidence-based treatment for Autism and other developmental disabilities; NTS setout to offer our families the best possible programming we could find. The company initially grew largely by word-of-mouth; as parents saw progress in their own children they naturally told friends and colleagues of their successes who in-turn sought out services for their own families. We also found growth due to the limited options available for ABA in the state and by advocating to the insurance providers on our clients’ behalf. NTS became the first agency in Arkansas to become an in-network provider with several insurance carriers, including UMR and Blue Cross.



Fast forward to 2018, while mental-health and substance abuse treatment had been provided in a clinic-based setting at times, ABA was not. Due to the nature of our behavioral health programing NTS had actively chose to provide ABA in the natural environment, such as schools and in-home. However, in an effort to again be sensitive to the repeated requests from families, Nash Therapy has elected to open our doors to provide ABA services in a clinical environment. Research has shown in many cases that clinic-based programing can greatly improve the rate at which students acquire new concepts. While some clients will continue to receive services in-home or in a classroom, we are excited to be able to offer families the best possible programming for their students. We are dedicated to teaching children, to training their families to be more effective teachers and to ensure that everyone who works with our children use the best possible ABA methods currently available.